Saturday, January 21, 2012

To the New Year! (whichever calendar you follow)

boy has this blog long been abandoned

reminder to self, rant more on your blog

It has been a very busy summer and winter nonetheless. Will update on that soon.

But for now, to start my online babble for 2012, here's a picture I did in honour of the Chinese New Year. the year of the Water Dragon

the message is, share your mandarin oranges. did you get that? yeah?

and here's another drawing I did, though it has nothing to do with the new year or anything that has happened in my life recently. Just something I felt like drawing.
Every time I look at this picture though, I think of Johnny Bravo and the trademark sound he makes when he thinks he's making a cool move. "HOOK HUK HOOK!"

Slug in the mud, happy to find a single glowing flower. It has magical powers I expect. but what do I know


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